1. Pretty Lights x LoopyQ = Pretty Loopy Pouches

    October 8, 2013 by JQ Crimaldi


    In honor of the release of the new Pretty Lights album “The Color Map of The Sun” we have teamed up with the PL crew to release a limited edition run of PL x LoopyQ aka Pretty Loopy Pouches. The PL pouches are available for sale at official Pretty Lights merchandise booths and come in 6 fresh colorways. Each pouch is handmade in Chicago, IL and is hand-stitched with a signature looping system.


    Blueberry PL Pouch Cinnamon PL Pouch IMG_2769 IMG_2765 IMG_2760 IMG_2756

    This summer, 40 pouches were released in June down for Bonaroo Music Festival in Manchester, Tennessee and there were 60 sold at Electric Forest Music Festival in Rothbury, Michigan. A special edition of 85 pouches were sold at Pretty Lights at Red Rocks on August 16 & 17. In honor of fall tour, 120 PL Pouches are now available for sale at the official PL merch booths. After your next PL show, visit the merch booth and cop the first edition run of PL x LoopyQ Pouches!

    PL x LoopyQ Pouches

    Don’t forget to post your PL pouch pics on instagram :) Tag #Pouchlife to be featured!

    PL Pouch girls

  2. The Pouch Life: Pretty Lights Approved!

    June 18, 2012 by JQ Crimaldi

    After a super loopy weekend at Summer Camp Music Festival during May 25-27, 2012, I came home from Chillicothe, IL with a lot more than I thought.  Of all the incredibly talented artists that preformed at SCAMP all weekend–Moe, The String Cheese Incident, Jane’s Addiction, Primus, Shpongle, Rebelution–Pretty Lights was the final headliner of the festival, and the #1 definite must-see artist on my personal lineup. After seeing Derek V Smith aka Pretty Lights preform over 5 times, I had an extra magical feeling that this show in particular was going to be some extra incredible “hot shit.” As all Pretty Lights Music fans know,  the crew always brings flame unreleased tracks and prettiest of light shows, guaranteed. That night, Pretty Lights did a lot more for me than create mind blowing music, he made me feel like a close friend. Earlier that Sunday, my camping crew was in desperate need for some McBreakfast, so we loaded up the truck and left the campsite for a few hours.  My partner in crime, ZebaSStone and I were helping locate the nearest gas station to refuel, and my girl Hujj needed a shower. There we are, pumping gas and we find a sign from the God: Derek V Smith, right in front of our eyes. “The Truth,” was written in black permanent marker on the backside of an Illinois Lottery advertisement. We instantly thought of the single “I Know the Truth” which is typically the song Derek starts his sets with. The sign seemed too perfect for the show ahead and we couldn’t resist, so we quickly jacked the poster and ran, like any loopy person would.  When we came back to the campsite, we used rainbow glitter and neon paint to bling it out. It was time to rage!

    Hujj, Zebasstone and I decided to ditch our camping crew at Shpongle, and made it front row with about 45 minutes till PL came on stage.  We draped the poster over the fence, and it was time to see Pretty Lights! Right after Derek started to drop some bass, his gorgeous cinematographer, photographer and lover Krystle was right in front of us snapping pictures of us and our DIY poster. I have a personal connection to Krystle, because she’s totally loopy and creative. Zebasstone and I were ecstatic to talk with Krystle again as we did months earlier during a PL show out in Dekalb, IL. She has a compelling energy and creative spirit that seems to contribute to the originality of Pretty Lights music and their label.

    That night, the energy of the crowd was more remarkable than I’ve ever seen. By the time Derek’s set was over we were in a catatonic state of disbelief. Zebasstone and I were in awe at the blasts of creativity that came from the speakers that night. We could not move away from the stage or speak a single word about it, we just knew we had to stick around for more. Good thing we did. After a couple minutes we snapped out of the trance at the second we saw Derek come down to the security pit signing merchandise. He was getting swarmed by fans, but still tried his best to shake every fan’s hand.  As Derek approached our crew, we told him it was Zebasstone’s birthday, and he signed the original PL Grassroots hat signed three times for us. Then, I handed him my custom made Peanut Butter Rainbow pouch, and he signed it like a champ.

    I was in complete shock, but luckily had time to show her another pouch filled with business cards, gave her one in hopes for a follow on twitter. Krystle seemed to love the pouch, she motioned for Derek to take a second look at it. Derek smiled, and nodded in approval and signed it perfectly. They definitely approved of the pouch life! Zebasstone and I are in absolute shock. I thanked the two, told them how much I appreciate their music and ongoing creative projects together. Krystle and Derek were totally down-to-earth, they both said thank you by sharing a kiss right in front of our crew.

    I was already thinking of ways to meet Derek and Krystle again at the Late Night show at the Red Barn. It was time Krystle had a pouch of her own to get loopy with. ZebaSstone and I hurried back to the tent totally inspired, and went through my pouch-o-pouches trying to choose the best custom pouch for Krystle. We decided on a Peanut Butter Pouch with blue string and silver beads on the fringe. It was classy, classic, and totally Krystle. I even brought a fringe-less pouch for Derek.

    It finally time for round two of Pretty Lights Music, this time with Gramatik and Break Science for the Red Barn After-Party. Zebasstone and I were seeking out the PLM crew behind the stage hoping to find Krystle or Derek. After Gramatik and Break Science did their final collab with PL, I was hoping to shake Derek’s hand for the second time. He exited the stage and was forced to go backstage by management. This didn’t stop the crowd from following him! Heaps of ravers jumped the fence to get a closer look, I was one of the first to shake his huge hand. He left backstage directly afterward, so I threw his pouch on stage. Since Krystle was M.I.A, I spotted out some of the Pretty Lights Music Label’s crew and their super cute girlfriends. I talked to a crew member’s girlfriend about the pouch, she took a business card and promised to give it to Krystle.

    LoopyQ Pouch

    Pretty Lights Creative Director Krystle Blackburn: @Krystle_PLM

    About a week after Summercamp, I got a tweet from @Krystle_PLM thanking me for the pouch. I pretty much couldn’t stop telling my friends all night… She said: “@Crimcake: omgoodness girl! Thank you so much for the beautiful pouch! I’m in love. Seriously, thank you so so much! Xo” Check out the tweet here! pic.twitter.com/m8Win4sy We are so happy to welcome Krystle of PLM into the pouch life! Thanks for giving us a shout out. Help us spread the pouch life, and share this story with your friends! Be safe, Stay loopy. - JQ  

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