Dark Chocolate Purp Gemstud

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This super rich, Dark Chocolate suede pouch is accented with a purple gem stud. Dark Chocolate pouches looks spectacular with earthy browns, golds, turquoise and purple tones. Made from authentic suede leather, the Dark Chocolate pouch is super soft, and wears well with multiple uses. Looped with extremely durable Chocolate Kodiak lace string, this pouch is sure to be around your neck until you take it off! Want to customize your own Dark Chocolate Pouch? Click me!

To open the pouch, place your fingers inside the two loops and pull outward. To close, simply tug downward on the two neck strings to close. No buttons, zippers, nothing! Just loops, gravity, and your essential items :)

3 1/2 x 5 1/2″ Dark Chocolate Pouch
3 1/2″ Fringe

10 mm Purple Gemstud
18″ String

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Product Description

How to wear the pouch ::
1. Neck Pouch
First, as a neck pouch. Wearing this pouch around the neck allows you to be hands-free in active settings.

2. BeltBag/FannyPack
Wear your loopy pouch around your waist, like a fannypack! Tie the two strings through belt loops or directly on the hip.

3. CrossBody Satchel
Try wearing your pouch as a cross body side satchel. Request an XL string with your order.


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