Cinnamon Turquoise & Green Kandi Pouch
Cinnamon Turquoise & Green Kandi Pouch

Cinnamon Green, Turquoise, & Silver Kandi Pouch


Pouch Details:

  • 4 3/4″ x 5 1/2″ inch Genuine Cinnamon Suede Leather Pouch
  • 34″ inch Dark Chocolate *Adjustable* Parachute String
  • 3 1/2″ inch Cinnamon Fringe (*If you would like NO fringe, please specify in a *note with your order !!)
  • 50 Turquoise, Grass Green, Lime Green, & Silver Kandi Beads


Product Description

How to wear your pouch:

1. Neck Pouch: Hang your pouch around your neck like a necklace or lanyard and hold your most essential items directly in front of you! To open the pouch, simply pull outward on the two drawstring loops. To close, pull downward on the pouch, and it will fasten naturally.

2. BeltBag/FannyPack:  Strap your loopy pouch around your waist, like a fannypack! Adjust the two strings through belt loops or directly on the hip. This is a super trendy, sexy way to rock the pouch!

3. CrossBody Satchel: Swing your pouch across your shoulder just like your usual cross-body/side-satchel bag or “mini” purse.


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