Classic Peanut Butter Double Fringe Hybrid Pouch
Classic Peanut Butter Double Fringe Hybrid Pouch

Peanut Butter Suede Double Fringe Pouch


Authentic Peanut Butter suede pouch with Cinnamon + Buttercream fringe and Dark Chocolate Kodiak string. Double the fringe, double the fun!


4 3/4 x 5 1/2″ Peanut Butter Pouch

3 1/2″ Double Layered Cinnamon and Buttercream Fringe

18″ Dark Chocolate Kodiak string

Product Description

How to wear the pouch:

To open the pouch, pull outward on the two loops on the sides. To close the pouch, tug downward on the pouch neck strings. There’s no zippers, ties, buttons or snaps…just loops, gravity, and your essential items!

1. Neck Pouch
First, loop the pouch around your neck. Pack your pouch with your most essential items, and leave them hang in front of you.

2. BeltBag/FannyPack
Tie your pouch around your waist. Fasten a knot  the two strings through belt loops or directly on the hip.

3. CrossBody Satchel – Request XL String
Strap your neck pouch across the body, just like a satchel. If you have a long torso/have some height, definitely request an extra  long string with your order.


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