1. #PouchLife at SummerCamp Music Festival 2013

    July 3, 2013 by JQ Crimaldi

    This summer, the loopy crew is on a mission to tell as many peculiar people about the pouch as possible.  Here are the upcoming festivals you can expect to see us this summer:

    May 26-29 SummerCamp Music Festival @ Three Sisters Park, Chillicothe, IL 

    June 14-16 Spring Awakening Music Festival @ Soldier Field, Chicago, IL 

    June 27-June 30 Electric Forest Music Festival @ Double JJ Ranch Rothbury, MI

    July 18-21 All Good Music Festival @ Legend Valley Thornwood, OH

     So far this summer, time has been slipping so fast I haven’t had a moment to sit and reflect on all the beautiful moments we’ve shared with our customers. 

    It all began May 26-May 29 for SummerCamp Music Festival down in Chillicothe, IL. We loopies are from Chicago, just 2 hours from Chilli…so this fest hits super close to home. Lots of our homies were there representing our pouches. This was my second year returning to SummerCamp Music Festival, just about a year and two months after becoming an official business. My goal at SummerCamp (as all other music festivals) was to meet as many loopy people as possible, see their art, and tell them about my passion for the pouch. Truly, I couldn’t be more surprised by  all the loopy ladies and lads who wore the pouch in good spirits (and style!) as they enjoyed a long, wet, and muddy weekend…

    Here’s what I packed..


    Bright colors and trippy patterns FTW! Kandi pouches. Rainbow MC Hammer Pants. Weed Socks. Lotus Flower T-Shirt: Artwork by Starstepe Designs (aka Enlighten Clothing Co.) Neon socks. Hats by GRC Grassroots California. Pins by Headspace. Mini backpack. EOTO shirt. BlackMilk Aurora Sky Leggings

    scamp pass

    Time to get loopy… Thursday Pre-Party kick off begins at 3:40 AM  Ready to hustle pouches with my homies!

    scamp ladies

    sts9 crew scamp

    In the forest  was the place to be at SummerCamp. Many artists of all kinds were in the forest displaying their work, meeting the creators, and trading crystals, pins, and other heady treasures. We set up a load of loopy pouches were near the Grassroots California Dome. We came across such friendly ladies and lads who found pouches personalized to perfection. Due to Sound Tribe Sector Nine aka STS9 being a headliner, the Limited Edition Sound Tribe Sector Nine Pouch SOLD OUT! There are no longer available online. 

    muddy face

    Mud and rain? Fo-gettaboutit loopies! Protect your phone, ID, money, camera in the pouch…it’s whatever, don’t trip! It’s all good. 

  2. Swank Saturday 1/19 Emancipator @ Bottom Lounge Chicago

    January 20, 2013 by JQ Crimaldi

    Happy Swank Saturday night! Heading down to the Loop for a SOLD OUT show at The Bottom Lounge! I’ve been listening to MUX MOOL, Tor, & Emancipator all month in preparation for this show at Bottom Lounge! Get ready to chill out, groove, and cozy up with the ambient sounds of MUX MOOL, Tor and Emancipator at this exclusive bottom lounge event! I will have loopyq pouches to share and lots of free stickers to hand out, so if you see me, ask what’s up! I give free hugs.




    The Bottom Lounge
    1375 W Lake St Chicago, IL 60607.
    Doors Open @ 9:00pm Shows Start @ 10:00pm

    Hope to see you fine people dressed nice and warm for Emancipator. It’s about 45 degrees in Chicago right now, pretty toasty warm for a January show!

    Right now I’m planning out a very chill get up for tonight’s vibe… I’m thinking  Red Velvet pants + Black on Black Chuck Taylors.

    Wearing one of my favorite custom pouches, Black Licorice Suede with a thrift shop Money patch I copped from Belmont Army off Belmont and Clark.

    Fueling up with a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich and painting my nails “Iceburg Lotus” a super dope BlueGreen nail polish color Nicole by O.P.I. Thinking about topping off the night with my favorite Grassroots California hat ever made.. The Limited Edition 420 Headspace Hat. Visit The Headspace Net for super awesome pins, hats, and heady accessories :)



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