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My name is JQ a.k.a Pouch Master Q at LoopyQ & Co. Growing up, I’ve always been a bit peculiar, distracted and “loopy” compared to most. This combination of traits explains my horrific track record of lost iPhones, keys, debit cards and other really important, hard-to-replace items…

Rewind to August of 2011. It was the summer before starting my freshman year at DePaul University in Chicago and fate brought me to a thrift store. I was excitedly preparing to move to Chicago where I would meet new people, attend concerts, ride in cabs and the el. How was I going to make it through living on my own as a student for the first time without losing everything?

It was at this thrift store that I stumbled across a vintage suede necklace pouch and bought it. It was during North Coast Music Festival in Chicago I realized that my pouch was crucial to my life. I survived a long (and VERY loopy) day without losing anything. My pouch securely held my debit card, student ID, license, iPhone and concert ticket!

The more I wore my pouch and got compliments, the more I realized there were tons of other people who could benefit from the convenience of wearing a pouch necklace instead of wearing a wallet, purse, fanny pack or back pack.

In March 2012 as a freshman at DePaul I incorporated LoopyQ & Co. in order to design and sell awesome neck pouches at music festivals, in my dorm and online.

LoopyQ pouches have unique loops that allow you to open and close your pouch with ease. Our pouch string is strong and our fabrics are carefully selected. We are constantly looking for cool new fabrics, colors and embellishments to add to our pouches too. If you have ideas or suggestions, I’d love to hear them. Email me anytime- jq@loopyq.com.

Welcome to the Pouch Life,
JQ Crimaldi
Founder & Pouch Master at Loopy Q & Co.
DePaul University – E-Commerce, Entrepreneurship Class of 2015

Peculiar Pouches for Peculiar People

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